Guiding Questions:
  • Why do we tell stories?
  • How can we use tech tools to enhance storytelling?
  • What are the essentials for telling a 'good' story?
  • What are other ways we can tell stories using digital media? (ie:photos, video clips, music)?

Ive recently been using:
Puppet pals

Sock Puppets

Check out Matt Gomez's blogpost on how he uses Sock Puppetsin Kindergarten. Check out #kinderchat for everything early years.

Some other tools that you can use for Storytelling
Story Bird Grade 1
Bitstrips comic (single page)

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What's Your Story? Creating and Connecting with Digital Stories in the Early Years

Your Name and Title: Jason Graham: Everyone has a story to tell!
School, Library, or Organization Name: Bandung International School, Java, Indonesia
Co-Presenter Name(s):
Language in Which You Will Present: English
Target Audience(s): K-5 Teachers
Short Session Description (one line): Connecting, sharing, collaborating using technology to create stories.
Long Description: Storytelling is a natural way of sharing and communicating with the world. Every culture creates and shares stories. Stories are meaningful ways to communicate. While the storytelling has remained an important part of our lives, the way in which we use web 2.0 tools to enhance and share our stories has changed immensely. In this session, we will discuss how and share how these tools enhance communication, literacy and sharing of stories in our world.
Using PuppetPals on the iPad is one (of many) such tools that is easy to use with younger learners. Students can create any story they please in minutes. Learners can create an actor from a photo use any photo they wish as a background or backdrop for a story.

The point of this session is NOT about the tool, but a discussion about how we learners can share their stories with others in the world. Participants are welcome to share their own experiences on how they promote digital storytelling in their classrooms.

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