ETC 2011 Presentation

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My name is Jason Graham and I am an international educator who enjoys using technology in the classroom. I have been teaching for over 12 years in Canada, Indonesia and Australia and very much enjoy sharing technology and ideas about how to implement IT in the classroom.

Title: Technology in the primary classroom: Implementing a trans-disciplinary approach to blended learning.

Target Audience: All teaching staff

Synopsis, including why you believe this represents best practice
This workshop will examine real world applications of how to integrate technology into the primary classroom in order to enhance learning. We will explore various aspects of learning and teaching ranging from classroom management, defining the role of technology as a tool in the classroom to taking a trans-disciplinary approach to IT by incorporating it into daily class curriculum and student inquiries.
Participants will be given the opportunity
• To explore different ways of implementing and supporting blended classroom learning.
• To share practical ideas of integrating IT into everyday classroom instruction.
• To understand that integration of technology requires whole school community support.
• To examine the different variables present inherent in IT integration.

Jason Graham