Global Collaboration Day, Wednesday Sept 17th 2015 8pm GMT+7


We will use the hashtag #globaled15 to have a synchronous Twitter chat on how being a connected learner. There will be about 6 questions and the chat will be about 60 minutes
All you need to do is jump on Twitter and search #globaled15 and join in the conversation. You can see the questions below.

Q1 What are the qualities of a Globally Connected Learner? #GlobalEd15

Q2 Why is it important to provide opportunities for learners to get connected? #GlobalEd15

Q3 What challenges do educators face when trying to promote global connections? #GlobalEd15

Q4 What are some of the tools to get started to become Globally Connected? Examples? #GlobalEd15

Q5 What are some strategies you have used to promote global connections in your school? #GlobalEd15

Q6 How can we extend learners to continue to collaborate globally outside classroom walls? #GlobalEd15

Here are some links to my blog, one about creating and publishing a collaborative eBook with my Grade 1 class and 2 other classes around the world and this project with a Travelling Teddy connecting primary school classes worldwide.

Another link for educators interested in joining chats



Connections through Community #Chats

A presentation and exploration of how to set up, manage and promote an online community using twitter #hashtags. There are many #chats out there. These are communities that one can get involved in and contribute, or be a passive observer. Valuable connections are made through these #chat communities such as #elemchat, #edchat, #kinderchat and #pypchat. This workshop will share experiences of how to create or join an online community.


Enduring understanding of building online connections within a community.
Managing on online #chat to build communities.
How to maximise Twitter to enhance professional development.