Global Education Conference 2011

Jason Graham & Chris Roche Twitter #globaled11

Collaborative Tools for Global Communication & Reflection

21st century learners must be able to use communication and reflection tools to share ideas with others and reflect on their own learning. This session will share some of those tools that have practical applications in the classroom for teachers who wish to share learning with their learning community. A variety of collaboration tools will be exposed and practical examples explored. It is hoped that participants will contribute their own ideas.

Suggested Tools: Twitter, Twiducate, Wallwisher, Googledocs, Bitstrips Symbaloo, Glogster, Voicethread,

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So we are in the middle of a unit on change. About how the world changes. How and why maps change to reflect such change. Change is such a dynamic concept. It is a concept our children will see so much in their lives possibly more so than any other time in human history. So [...]external image b.gif?